The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology: The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese


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Two ancient arts meet in one authoritative guide–trans-lated for the first time from the classical Chinese text. Today, feng shui and Chinese astrology have captured the popular imagination. But, in the process, they have sometimes been diluted beyond recognition. An accomplished scholar of Chinese language, literature, and philosophy now restores their richness and complexity. Intellectually accurate, yet wonderfully readable, “The Imperial Guide” reveals the often-overlooked connection between feng shui and astrology. Among the essential concepts introduced by this remarkable volume: yin and yang, the five processes, the ten heavenly stems, the 12 earthly branches, the 24 seasonal nodes, and the 64 hexagrams. Aylward explains how these symbols relate to the whole of traditional Chinese thought–and what they mean for the modern world.

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