Secrets of the Zodiac: Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential


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An inspiring guide to what makes each sign of the zodiac tick–useful to understand both yourself and others Readers will learn out how their astrology sign affects their life mission and priorities, how they interact with others, when and where they are out of their comfort zone, what they struggle with, and what they most need to learn this time around. This book explains how to use the zodiac as the key to discovering what special gifts someone has, why people find some things second nature, and why people tend to repeat the same mistakes time and again. Not only will readers learn about themselves, what do they most need to learn, and what they you teach others, but they will discover how other zodiac signs see the world and where their strengths, fragilities, and potentials lie. Accessible and inspiring, this guide provides insights into how to get the most out of life and relationships.

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