Every couple of years Mars goes retrograde for about two months, The period during which it is retrograde  (Sep 9, 2020, to Nov 13, 2020)

marks a background that affects everyone in a similar way and is not to be ignored. It slows down ongoing projects, often hamstringing the ability to get on with things. It forces restarts after the period is over, and it generally causes the energy level all around to lower, dragged down by unnecessary repetition, frustration, and fatigue. This, too, will pass, but wise up accordingly, store up extra energy, and don’t try to overshoot the mark. Projects you want to be especially strong and vigorous should wait until it’s over.  This can be a bit of a burdensome time when seemingly unnecessary tasks turn up that aren’t really yours to contend with, or shouldn’t be. Things turn up unfinished you were sure you were through with and operations that never should have begun finally have to be shut down. It’s a period of picking up pieces and putting things back into order so they’ll run better next time. You may be more tired than usual, not from overexertion but from having your focus brought into disarray by unasked-for distractions that sap your energy. Don’t get cross or feel sorry for yourself, these periods happen to everybody, and once past, you won’t have to repeat it for a long while.

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